Addiction to shopping is a distinct kind of addiction such that it takes a lot to actually identify and be aware of the signs and symptoms. Over spending unnecessarily on items can be referred to as shopping addiction. Just like any other addiction, a shopping addict can go through any length to purchase and obtain anything barring finances and other things that relates to spending. Borrowing from friends or taking loans from bank and money lenders just to satisfy the urge of spending is very common. Shopping addiction can affect an addict’s financial stability and cause huge debt and even bankruptcy.
The behavior of a shopping addict could be affected in the long run. There is a high tendency to resort to criminal means such as theft, swindling innocent people and even fraud just to fuel the addiction. This addiction is a mental sickness that causes the addict to continue over spending even when the financial resources are absent. It brings satisfaction and pleasure even when the things purchased are not needed.
Financial crisis or debt can have a negative impact on an addict’s personal and professional life. People with compulsive shopping disorders may resort to borrowing money from friends and family in order to fuel and support their addiction. There is a tendency to continually borrow when they run out of funds and finances. Relationships end up getting stained and severed. Running in debt can cause a break in a relationship with loved ones. There would be feelings of insecurity and insincerity on their part. They would no longer trust the addict on anything that has to do with finances, hence leading to a damage in relationship.
The use of credit cards to shop is a common trend today but the responsibility to pay off debt is no longer there. This can put or land a person in trouble financially. Using credit cards to shop is not a bad idea but the need to pay up bills on time is also very crucial.
Also, compulsive shopping negatively impacts an addict’s credit score which prevents him from purchasing items such as a vehicle or from buying a house. Low credit scores can limit the chances of obtaining a job or work due to trust issues on whether the addict is capable to take care of finances. Austere cases of addiction can lower the ability to work efficiently leading to financial issues.

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