Shopping is an activity that brings pleasure to anyone that partakes in it but when it becomes a compulsive disorder, then there are signs of a potential problem. Purchasing items for a purpose such as clothes for fashion or the latest wristwatch or shoe to look trendy is normal, but when there is an obsession to obtain those items and ending up not making use of them, addiction sets in.
There are certain indications of Behavioural manifestations that shows you have become a shopaholic but there is a need to evaluate oneself to discover if there is any potential of compulsive buying disorder. As it stands, shopping addiction is a kind of addiction that is difficult to notice and observe because when it sets in, it takes proper assessment to actually decipher.
Ask yourself, do you have a shopping addiction? Shopping addiction is a special kind of addiction that requires self-judgment to discover whether excessive spending occurs since shopping involves spending money. Addiction to shopping ensues when one is so engrossed with the activity such that there is no restriction or limit to the purchase of items whether they would be used or not. It involves unnecessary spending probably just to get relieve from anxiety and depression. Once there is a feeling that there is uncontrolled spending, then such a person is seemingly entangled in addiction.
Also, taking records of money spent on shopping can help determine whether there is a slight chance of addiction. Writing down all expenses incurred while shopping can help one keep tabs how money is spent. If there is a situation of excessive spending, determining that will not be difficult, all that would be needed to be done is to go through the records. Also, stating financial goals in the records would help point out the likelihood of addiction such that if there is inability to meet up with the goals, then it is an indication that there has been an instance of over spending.
Ruminating on the feelings attached to shopping at first can help determine whether one is a shopaholic. Taking a constant evaluation on the mood for shopping will help indicate if there is a problem of addiction. Negative feelings such as anxiety, anger and depression can lead one to a state of excessive spending in order to find relieve. Also shopping could be done for pleasure or for the desire for it. Understanding the emotion behind spending is a huge determinant to discover the presence of addiction.

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