Just like any other addiction, a shopping addiction can affect a person in a lot of ways. There are no restrictions or boundaries as to how much a person can be distressed from the bond of addiction. Also, addiction does not choose whom to affect, it can take a toll on anyone, be it the wealthy or the impoverished. However, the problem of compulsive buying disorder can be brought under control by following some steps.
Firstly, knowing and understanding oneself is a very vital step in the process of controlling addiction. If shopping is a hobby, there should be a reason behind it whether it’s the excitement gained or a strong desire for a special kind of item such as a shoe, wristwatch, clothing or jewelry. There needs to be an evaluation and a positive response to any of this listed reasons does not indicate there is a problem but if there is a prospect of spending unnecessarily, there would be a need to consider various options to solve the situation.
Also, there should be an evaluation on the mood while one shops. Whether anxiety, depression, anger, happiness, or with an intent to cheer oneself or to get delight from shopping. When there is an understanding of the feelings that comes with shopping, then there is a possibility of determining whether addiction has set in and now focus on several means to control them.
Similarly, considering the time spent on shopping or purchasing items can trigger a response. Spending long hours visiting stores or checking records of items and their prices whereas such time could be spent on doing other things is a huge determinant that there is addiction and as such necessary steps needs to be taken to manage it.
It is important for the addict to have a renewed mindset and start taking full responsibility of how he or she spends. There is need to avoid excessive or unnecessary spending by either cutting up all other means apart from paying with cash which includes the use of credit cards which may incur debt. Also, any form of debt acquisition should be avoided in order not to enter into a state of helplessness.
Avoiding platforms that can trigger temptations to engage in unnecessary shopping should be looked at. Platforms such as shopping malls or districts, markets, warehouses should be steered clear of and if shopping is necessary, inviting a friend along to keep tabs on the way money is being spent, could also be instrumental.

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