Shopping addiction or compulsive buying disorder which is characterized by excessive spending and purchase of items. It is a behavior that is related to over spending and shopping for things that are not necessary, and they could have harmful and dangerous consequences on any person involved in it.
Although, there are people who see shopping as a way to be relieved from negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, anger and so on, but little do they know that the relief is ephemeral and damages are likely to occur in the long run.
Like all other addictions, shopping addiction can negatively impact a person’s life. It is a significant problem that has both emotional and financial consequences. Shopping addiction is initially prompted with the neutral need to overcome challenges such as depression to solve an issue of low self-esteem. The failure of shopping excessively to actually solve these problems, can lead to degrade or damage to the life of the individual.
The consequences of shopping addiction could range from damage to long term relationships, marriages, friendships and jobs. Others could be financial problems which includes bankruptcy, debt and even theft. Emotional and psychological effects could be issues of anxiety which incurs physical health problems.
Also, shopping addicts suffer from substance abuse or eating and drinking disorders. Damage to relationships can occur due to excessive spending and an immense struggle to cover up for debt and other expenses. This can lead to spending less time with family and friends and other important people in the life of the addict. It gets to a stage where an addict begins to cover up expenses and situations where the addict borrows from friends, lying to avoid repaying may set in and as a result, relationships are severed.
Problems with finances occur when addicts borrow to spend largely. They find themselves in big debts and financial crises when they are unable to pay back. Consequently, many addict lose their jobs when they are unable to perform their duties due to financial constraints. Cases where they have to steal from their boss or the company’s money would result in them getting dismissed.
Also, the level of concentration could decrease when one suffers from addiction. There would be less-motivation and high level of distraction to actually be focused at work and at school. For students and young ones who are addicted to shopping, negative vices such as theft would be common and prominent in a bid to actually meet up with their material desires.

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