Shoes are My Guilty Pleasure

Most people try to live their lives sin free although it is hardly ever possible for anybody. Sometimes though we do things that although we know are not going to end up well with, they make us happy. I will discuss some obvious and some not so obvious issues in here. The first one I can think of is drinking. Everyone knows about the harms of consuming alcoholic beverages but who doesnt drink it when trying to relax and have a good time at weddings and parties. Even the event planners from professional event planning programs tend to want to relax at their own planned events by consuming something considered unprofessional. Besides drinking, many people, especially women tend to indulge themselves with chocolate although it is considered unhealthy for the most part (especially if it contains more milk and sugar than dark chocolate) and is known to put on weight. However, the chemical rush it gives through the body is worth people forgetting that it could make them fat and have them happily (or guiltily?) devour it. Furthermore, although many people know that going to bed early is essential if they have a long day ahead, many still stay up late to indulge in a comforting late night movie or TV show. Even business executives running something as hectic as corporate event planning tend to find themselves in this guilty habit of staying up late to do something they enjoy in the moment although it is harmful for them in terms of waking up and being productive the next day. Another example of a guilty pleasure that makes you unproductive especially with females is online window shopping. Even at work, women tend to be browsing pretty dresses or beautiful locations as if they are becoming a wedding planner not matter what the nature of their work may be. Although distracting, this is considered a guilty pleasure as it is satisfying to imagine all the pretty things in life even for the moment and when it is visually so available although it may not be making you productive! On the same note, even the most responsible of women are tend to go weak with their money management when it comes to shoes- women are known to own expensive shoes just because they looked beautiful and were so tempting to be bought in the moment!

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