Shoes are My Guilty Pleasure

Most people try to live their lives sin free although it is hardly ever possible for anybody. Sometimes though we do things that although we know are not going to end up well with, they make us happy. I will discuss some obvious and some not so obvious issues in here. The first one I can think of is drinking. Everyone knows about the harms of consuming alcoholic beverages but who doesnt drink it when trying to relax and have a good time at weddings and parties. Even the event planners from professional event planning programs tend to want to relax at their own planned events by consuming something considered unprofessional. Besides drinking, many people, especially women tend to indulge themselves with chocolate although it is considered unhealthy for the most part (especially if it contains more milk and sugar than dark chocolate) and is known to put on weight. However, the chemical rush it gives through the body is worth people forgetting that it could make them fat and have them happily (or guiltily?) devour it. Furthermore, although many people know that going to bed early is essential if they have a long day ahead, many still stay up late to indulge in a comforting late night movie or TV show. Even business executives running something as hectic as corporate event planning tend to find themselves in this guilty habit of staying up late to do something they enjoy in the moment although it is harmful for them in terms of waking up and being productive the next day. Another example of a guilty pleasure that makes you unproductive especially with females is online window shopping. Even at work, women tend to be browsing pretty dresses or beautiful locations as if they are becoming a wedding planner not matter what the nature of their work may be. Although distracting, this is considered a guilty pleasure as it is satisfying to imagine all the pretty things in life even for the moment and when it is visually so available although it may not be making you productive! On the same note, even the most responsible of women are tend to go weak with their money management when it comes to shoes- women are known to own expensive shoes just because they looked beautiful and were so tempting to be bought in the moment!

Compulsive Shoe Shopping

“You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.”
— Abraham LincolnMany of us are unable to resist compulsive shopping urges. We are abused by them and often driven by them to irrational acts of purchase. To disobey them entails total destruction of the psyche. But did you know that you can actually stand up to these brutes and scare them off?
Your basic inability to resist them arises out of the fact that if you do not yield, they will persist, and for you this is like having a hornet flying circles in your living room.Enter the mindfulness tactic, your power hornet-swatter. Here is how to use it:
1.Next time a shopping urge (which is basically a thought) arises, remember that the thought is an object, and you are the one who is aware of it.
2.Let the shopping thought exist in your presence. Do not try to suppress it or make it persist.
3.Do not yield to it.
4.It will irritatingly persist.
5.Just keep watching it. Let it persist. Do not worry about this; the thought is harmless, let it stay as long as it wants.
6.Do not yield to it.
7.Carry on with other tasks of your day.
8.Let it persist for hours, days or whatever.
9.Finally it will give up and go away, because your brain will realize that is speaking to a wall.
10.Rinse and repeat for three more buying urges.
11.The next time you get a shopping thought, remember that you are now capable of not yielding to it, and decide whether you want to yield or not from your new position of strength, not out of fear as you would before.
12.Act according to your decision.
If you follow these steps diligently, your spending pattern and your life will significantly change for the better.

Important Extra Tip: When you sense anger coming on, you can use the same mindfulness tactic to avoid impetuous behavior that you might regret later.
To your mental and financial freedom!

Crazy About Shoes

Words can not describe how popular the boots in winter. It may be the hardest question for the males to answer even the ladies wear these fancy boots is kind of trying to attract those men. Anyway, regardless of that attraction thing, the boots are useful when the weather is cold because they are long and can keep the feet and the legs warm. Also they looked good when go with the skirts.There are so many brands which all have their own boots collections, but among all these brands, there are only a few that can be defined have good ones. The Tory Burch is famous because of their flats; many people will ignore this brand because they think they can not handle the winter shoes. The designers from this brand attempt to correct this wrong thought, and thats why they kept on making new styles to attract the customers.I dont know if the designer try to make everybody pay attention to this brand or not, but the over knee boots really caught my eyes when I saw them. This is not a style that can be found everywhere, creating something like that is kind of difficult for both designers and the customers. I believe once they tried, they will realize that not all the ladies can handle that one.

Because the shoes are not famous like some other long history brands, it may be a little bit hard to find one of their retail stores when you walking on the streets. The outlet will be a good choice, since from there it is easy to find all the styles of these boots, and also, you can have great prices from the outlets.

Or if you still think you can not trust these boots and you prefer to try something else, there are also many other brands which has great collections of boots. For example the famous sheepskin boots called UGG. The basic line is, always try to get a pair of shoes that can keep your feet warm in the cold days.

Shoe Retail Therapy

Theres a lot to do in Florida. Tourists have always loved Florida. Being sunny most of the year, there are no rains or snow to trap tourists in their rooms and regret their decision to travel to the place. Florida also has a lot of beaches. Imagine a coastline more than a thousand miles long. Anybody who loves watersports or any water activity would have a hard time lining up a list of things to do in a day with so many choices.But aside from the beaches and the weather, Floridas a nice place to go to because of its cosmopolitan air. People from almost every culture have come and made Florida their home. One can credit Floridas history for its cultural diversity and its tolerance for different cultures. The state has been colonized by a number of Europeans, and in a certain part of its history, the Native Americans openly accepted blacks fleeing from oppression into their tribes.It is this contact with other cultures that probably instilled a form of openness among those living in Florida, which continues to grow in population as a result of relocations to the state. But relocations arent just to take advantage of the weather. Most of the relocations are to take advantage of the vibrant economy of Florida. With tourism as its base, Floridas economy is taking off with the establishment of interest in aerospace and telecommunications, as well as the continued growth of the financial services and trade sectors.

Retail will remain big in Florida as the market continues to grow. Shopping in Florida is a pleasurable experience with a wide range of products in different stores. But high-end products continue to be high priced as a result of tourism.

What makes shopping malls in Florida attractive to consumers is the international selection of products. With a good number of ports to service the market, Florida is likely to be one of the best markets that manufacturers can introduce a product into, given the relative affluence of the consumers.

The only real challenge to the retail industry when it comes to shopping in Florida is keeping costs down. Real estate remains high and the rentals will likely have a major impact on the price of the merchandise.

Overspending on Shoes

What many of us would do just to get younger skin. The amount of money some people spend on skin treatments are just way too staggering and downright preposterous. Not all of us can afford to shell out thousands of hard earned money especially in these difficult times.

To budget-conscious beauties, there are always ways to achieve celebrity-like skin without busting the bank. In fact, treatments that do not cost a lot are far more effective in its truest sense and far safer to use.

I am talking about natural treatments-those that we see at home and those that we can purchase easily. Rummage through your pantry and you can see a number of ingredients that you can use as a skin regimen. Concocting them are a bit of a hassle, yes, but the effects are undoubtedly magnanimous.

Olive oil, for instance is a great example. It contains super hydrating powers that can keep your skin looking dewy and young through long term use. Even celebrities use this to soothe their dermis after being exposed to environmental hazards and harsh make-ups.

Much has also been said about the efficacy of lemon juice. Ripe lemon juice when slathered and massaged on your skin can actually soften and plump it up. Not only that, it can also reduce dark blemishes and even out your complexion.

Grapeseed oil is also another great natural treatment. It is loaded with polyphenols and PCO’s-antioxidants that you can find in green tea, red wine, black tea and berries. Antioxidants help clear up harmful free radicals that are catalysts to a faster aging process.

Apart from that, it tightens and tones your skin up. Grapeseed also contains linoleic acid which is an acid that plays a huge role in the healthy functioning of our skin and our cell membranes.

If you just could not find the time to get younger skin by concocting your own natural treatments, then get one with these ingredients. Choose a product with grapeseed oil coupled with other natural ingredients.

You can try grapeseed oil plus the benefits of a Japanese sea kelp called Phytessence Wakame for better effects. Unknown to many, Phytessence Wakame helps slow down aging considerably. In fact, it has been touted as a better ingredient than any of those chemical-based ingredients today.

This is because Phytessence Wakame helps preserve our hyaluronic acid, which is the main component of a young and healthy skin. It impedes the effects of harmful enzymes that break down these acids.

If you want to get younger skin, do yourself a favor and find a moisturizer with the said ingredients. The success of your moisturizer greatly depends on these ingredients.

Shoe Indulgence

Everyone does something that is not good for them. No matter how intelligent or well informed a person may be, they will undoubtedly engage in some type of activity that they know is not good for them. Whether it is eating an entire pint of ice cream or buying an obscenely expensive piece of clothing, everyone gives in to some kind of guilty pleasure every now and then. Television is filled with guilty pleasures that people would prefer to keep on the down low yet watch religiously. Satellite tv brings viewers all of their favorite shows, no matter the quality of the program.

There are so many guilty pleasures on television that it is actually easier to discuss shows in groups rather than individually. Among the top five guiltiest pleasures on television, the number one position is held by soap operas. Everyone is aware of the overacting and cheesecloth cinematography, yet millions of people tune in daily to catch their favorite soap. The over the top plot lines and disgustingly good looking people suck in viewers by the truckload. While not all fans will admit it, there are plenty of closet aficionados out there who watch the drama of “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives” in high definition.

The second slot on the list is filled by daytime talk shows. This lumping title is not referring to shows like “The View” or “Oprah”, but rather shows like “Maury” and “Jerry Springer”. The sensational content of the latter shows can make a person’s skin crawl, yet they are not able to turn away from the television set. Hearing women scream about the results of a paternity test is not exactly high class entertainment, but entertaining it most certainly is. Third on the list of guilt pleasures are reality love shows. While some people might argue that all reality shows are guilty pleasures, those revolving around finding someone “true love” are in a league all their own and satellite tv can bring viewers all the action they want.

Love reality shows like “I Love New York” and “The Bachelor” keep audiences transfixed with their combination of lust, conflict, and fairytale. Fourth on the list are game shows. Watching games shows is not exactly a shameful thing, but it hints at a level of nerdiness that not all people might be comfortable sharing with the world. Classics like “Wheel of Fortune” and “The Price is Right” are not particularly embarrassing, but when people start tuning into shows like “Family Feud” and “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”, that is when the realm of guilty pleasures has been entered. The sports fan everyone knows might actually have a secret obsession with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

Control Your Shoe Addiction

Plastic surgery is something that really exists and there are many people in today’s world that have the problem of being addicted to it. This kind of addiction is very serious because it can take all of your money, take control of your life, and can change the person who you are.

Plastic surgery is not a cheap operation. It costs a lot of money in order to get it done. The problem with people who are just getting addicted is that they usually do not realize their problem until it is too late.
Those who have a personality trait of easily getting caught up in things or getting addicted to things should stay away from plastic surgery. Examples of this are if you get addicted to video games, t.v, and computers and so on. If you find yourself getting addicted to these simple things then there is a good chance that plastic surgery will treat you the same way.

In order to prevent this addiction you need to know when to draw the line. If you do plan on getting an operation done on yourself, try making a list of all the things you want done on your body. Do not make this list too big; only add a few items like one or two.

Once you go to get your operation done, tell your doctor and yourself that these are the only things you wish to get done. No matter how tempting it may be to change something else, just stick to what you initially came to do.

Once your procedure is over, stick to your original plan. Most people will find themselves coming back again and again even after they fix what they intended to fix in the first place. At this point they are just looking for an excuse to get plastic surgery done.

This is when you become addicted to the practice. The best way to avoid plastic surgery addiction is to simply not do it in the first place.

Budget for Shoe Shopping

Sometimes it can be quite dangerous for the plan when purchasing for groceries if there is no list or if the shopper will not know the way to budget. The most frequent slip-up that is done by most shoppers is to simply walk into the supermarket and shop with no list, or if they did come in with one, they could get tempted to purchase things not in the list, in short, they will be buying things they would never need or should never have been included in the first place.

A solution that will help the shopper a big deal will be to produce a grocery list worksheet via the assistance  of the Excel software. But the specific task of creating a spreasheet is simpler said instead of done and this may occasionally cause frustration in the attempt. The good news is that grocery list templates can be downloaded and printed free, no cost whatsoever. The worksheet, once downloaded, may be edited to fit the aim of the users personal and home requirements. The used doesn’t have to create from scratch the spreadsheet, the editing can be done fast as well.

This grocery list template may be saved into a PDA or a cell phone with Excel capabilities, this will make it easier for a user to do their grocery shopping without having to go around with a piece of paper which could get lost in the confusion. With the danger of over spending, the presence of the list is a welcome relief which would prevent the shopper from straying from what is required in the house to buying non-essentials. If budget is an issue, keeping to the grocery list is essential, and best of all, the costs could be encoded into the downloaded template and edited in so the next time there is a need to go back to the grocery store, with the ready prices on the columns, it would now be easier to know beforehand how much the grocery would cost in total.

In the end, the shopper will learn to train themselves to refrain from buying compulsively, now they can stick to a budget without having to sacrifice the important items they may need in the house. It is very easy to find these indispensible templates on-line, and they are a great help for all.

Limit Your Shoe Shopping

No matter if you are on a team or just the common players like to shoot hoops with friends, the basketball shoes that you choose to wear can make or break your game. A right pair of basketball shoes undeniably will help you make a good performance on the court by keeping your feet in proper balance and alignment. Therefore, what to look for in the basketball shoes means much for the basketball player.

There are several factors should be taken into consideration before paying for the basketball shoes. First of them is comfort. Your footwear should make you feel comfortable when you are on the court. And the comfort comes from several points. One of them is from the weight. It is true that lightweight shoes always provides better comfort for the wearers, and that is just the reason why the Kobe shoes are continuously designed and come to the market with their quote of ‘Lightweight gives better performance’. Another important feature that give comfort is that you should buy the shoes which are not too high or too loose in any area, nor too tight.

Secondly, support is another important factor that should think over when you decide to purchase the basketball shoes for your game. Most players choose high-top basketball shoes for the most ankle support on the court, and some others prefer the lower tops for more ankle mobility. To choose which of them depends on what position you are on the court and what’s your playing method. Whatever you decide to choose, make sure you have got enough support from the shoe for your game on the court.

Thirdly but not lastly in the shopping basketball shoes, a good outsole which is wide and flat is important in providing balance while playing. Normally, a solid rubber outsole with wide design for the basketball shoes is attractive and at the top sellers among the sneakers for the basketball.

There are still other factors that people can think over before their purchases; and different people have their own requirements. However, these points in some certain give an overall introduction for choosing right basketball shoes.